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Preserving Balance During Home Modifications

Maintaining harmony between your family and home is often difficult during a remodel of any size. In order to maintain your sanity as well as that of your family here are some general home modification tips to follow:

Ceramic Tile Removal and Installation.
  • Cover doorways throughout the home with plastic and/or old sheets. This will help keep the dust to a minimum throughout the home.
  • Anything that is not needed during the renovation should be stored in plastic boxes in a location outside of the home. It gets very crowded when homes become littered with overflowing goods from the room that is currently being worked on.
  • With kitchen remodels it is imperative that families find a separate space to set up in. This space should have the family's kitchen essentials. Don't forget the coffee pot!
  • When renovating a bathroom consider the usage of another facility. If your home is limited to one bathroom space it is optimal to stay in a hotel during the few days the shower and toilet are out of commission.
  • Summer time is naturally a busy time for outdoor renovations. Look for less expensive material costs when doing outdoor renovations in early spring or late fall.
  • Consider the seasons when exploring options in home renovations. Heated tile is less expensive to have installed before the tile is in place.
  • Relax and remember you and your family can rely on us. Remember the renovations are a blip in time in comparison to the enjoyment the remodel will bring!
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