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Experienced Hardwood Floor Installation and Refinishing

Expert in Hardwood Flooring Installation and Refinishing

We take pride in every renovation project we are involved in. The standards we hold ourselves to are some of the highest you will find within the industry. The same holds true in our hardwood floor installation and refinishing. If you are looking for quality look no further, if you are looking for cheap, quick hardwood flooring we are NOT the company you are looking for.

Many of our hardwood floor installation and refinishing projects begin with the installation of unfinished hardwood flooring. We prefer to start from scratch to deliver a flawless hardwood floor for our clients. Once the floor is installed, we sand it, stain it and finish it using only the highest quality products. There are times in which pre-stained hardwood flooring is used. When this is the case we work to find the highest quality hardwood flooring available from preferred vendors to work within the client's budget.

Installed Hardwood Flooring

Throughout the process we work with clients to ensure they are pleased with the material used, direction in which it is laid, the richness of the stain and the finish. If we are looking at refinishing a hardwood floor we work in conjunction with the client to find a method for stain removal that works for them. The process we use for staining and stain removal are not always the quickest but are without a doubt the best within the industry.