Home Improvements That Increase Your Home’s Value

Are you looking to sell your home this summer? There are some minor tweaks that can really add value to your home.  Inexpensive upgrades may not increase the value of your home however they can help you sell your home faster.  When looking to sell your home quickly here are some tricks that can improve the time it takes to sell your home.  There are also some improvements that hurt you when going to sell your home.  Here is a list of things to think about when working to sell your home before summer ends.

One thing to make sure of is that you don’t improve your home in ways that will not matter to buyers.  When looking to sell your home, before starting any home improvements talk with local contractors and professional realtors.  They will help you better understand the desires of buyers in your particular area. If buyers are looking for extra bedrooms or bathrooms you will know how to change the space you have to fit those desires.

One area in which homeowners often upgrade unnecessarily is high end appliance and fixtures.  While in certain homes, within certain areas this may be a necessity for many homes new appliances from well-known name brands are better than top notch quality, super technical appliances and upgrades.  Instead of high quality appliances, purchase decent appliances and use the extra money to inexpensively update carpet and deep clean grout.  The cleaner, more maintained a home the easier it is to sell.

The layout and use of rooms is another thing that helps sell your home quickly.  If you have a spare room but buyers are looking for nurseries manipulate the space to resemble what they are looking for.  Change the homes layout and use of space to meet the buyer’s demands in your area.  Office spaces may be a must for buyers in one area while game rooms may be what is needed in other areas.  Your realtor will help you to understand what local home buyers are looking for in your home.  The layout of your home should be changed to meet the buyer instead of what was convenient and needed for your family while you lived within the space.

De-clutter and minimize in every room.  Your home should be free of personal litter and knick-knack.    Take your space back to the basics.  Create a home where buyers can see themselves and not just your family.  When buyers are looking to purchase a home it is important that they can see themselves and their belongings in the home.

Other cheap alternatives to making home improvements without too much outlay are new ceiling fan blades, touch up paint on the exterior add touches that buyers in your area are looking for.  Don’t put on a ton of money upgrades when you are looking towards your future in a new home.  Room additions, kitchen renovations, bathroom remodels and basement remodeling are all projects to be left to the new owner. Save your money and only take on the small renovations that will make a visual difference.

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Hiring a Home Remodeling Contractor Verse DIY Home Renovations

When it comes to home remodeling projects whether you are a do it yourself homeowner or a general contractor you should always consider what you are doing to help or hurt the progress of the renovation.  There are several major things that can stall a project adding weeks, maybe even months, to a simple remodeling project.  Below are some tips to help homeowners working with a contractor or doing renovations themselves to help keep the project on track budget and time wise.

The first tip is super important. Don’t postpone the decision making process.  For a remodel to go well you really need to have a plan and make decisions before the project takes off.  It is wise to give some forethought into complications that could arise and actions plans to compensate.  You might think that the complications to projects are what really delay the remodel but this in fact is wrong.  Most contractors will tell you the biggest project delays come from homeowners making the small decisions such as the color of the paint or what type of faucet to purchase. Every detail of the remodel, no matter how big or small works in conjunction with other aspects of the project.  It is a domino effect; each piece relies on the other.

Being indecisive and changing what you want at any point throughout the project will result in added costs and time.  Even a minor change can throw the scheduling off especially when more than one contractor’s schedule is involved in the project.  Time is spent communicating changes to everyone involved on the remodel as well as the increase to the budget for everyone’s time as well as new materials.  You can see how a decisive, clear, well thought out plan helps with entire remodeling project from a kitchen redesign to finishing a basement.

Sometimes there are situations in home remodeling where you can actually invest money to improve the house that will actually not add an equity value to the home.  For instance, if you live in a community filled with starter homes adding a gourmet kitchen to the house may be something you desire but come time to sell you will not recoup the value.  Also, make sure that you are renovating where it is important to the home. New cabinets and a fancy kitchen do nothing for your home value if paired with cracking foundations and old plumbing. Sometimes it is better to look into remodeling where you need to rather than where you want to.  Invest money into your home that will help you achieve the maximum return on investment and equity into your home.

A budget is set forth before a project of any magnitude is taken on.  It is important to have the money to cover what is needed.  The best advice anyone can give when remodeling is to have a contingency fund set aside in case something does arise.  A contingency fund isn’t money to be used frivolously on material upgrades and such but instead there if something happens in the process that was not planned for.