Updating A Newly Purchased Home

Purchasing a home is the most incredible investment anyone can make.  When you own a home you are in charge of creating a space that is all your own.  The problem for new homeowners is that this can be an expensive endeavor.  Here are a few low cost improvements that can be done with the help of a general home contractor or by doing it yourself.

The biggest change one can make within a home without spending a ton of money is through the use of paint.  It is inexpensive and easy for most homeowners to do on their own.  General handyman service companies can be hired fairly inexpensively as well to achieve the same results if talent and time are an issue for homeowners.  A coat of fresh paint transforms any house on the interior or exterior.  Update any part of your home with the use of paint.

Flooring is another way homeowners bring new life to their homes without breaking the bank.  New carpet is relatively inexpensive as is refinishing hardwood flooring.  Ceramic flooring is a relatively inexpensive option to bring to life old linoleum floors.   The great thing about flooring is that it can be updated in stages.

Consider doing one room each quarter until you have updated the entire home.  Start with the areas in the home that are most visible and move on from there.   Flooring contractors can often get a better deal on flooring than everyday homeowners so if looking to redo your entire homes flooring consult a flooring expert.  This is especially true with hardwood flooring contractors as well as contractors that lay ceramic tile.

Landscaping is another area in which homeowners can update their homes relatively inexpensively.  Your homes curb appeal is something that should never be ignored.  Landscaping that has become outdated should be updated. When you can tell the year a home was built by the way the home is landscaped then it is overdue for a landscape makeover.  Your landscape should continue to evolve with your home throughout the time you live there.  Maintain the landscape, upgrade accessories and be conscience of changes in style.  Never make drastic changes; simple changes are more effective then large changes especially when it comes to landscaping.

Another major improvement for homes that can save you a ton of money without costing you a ton is with the addition of insulation.  Many homes are poorly insulated leading to loss of heat and air conditioning.  This increases homeowner’s monthly bills.  Adding insulation lowers monthly heating and cooling expenses without too much expense.

Update your kitchen.  This does not mean do a complete kitchen renovation however it does mean taking a look at the space and update the outdated areas within your space.  This can be done with a fresh coat of paint, some new faucets and updated hardware.  Even small kitchen updates can completely transform an outdated space into one that is modern and more accommodating.

Owning a home is a large expense in itself; updating your home doesn’t have to be.

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Even Small Remodeling Jobs Benefit From The Experience Of A Contractor

When people consider remodeling their homes they are often under the illusion it has to be a crazy, long drawn out project.  This is not the case especially when you hire a contractor.  Many of you are thinking that there is no way you can afford to hire a contractor for your home remodeling projects however this is not the case.  When you take into consideration the time and effort that doing it yourself takes, hiring a contractor seems incredibly reasonable. Especially when they do it yourself project ends up way behind schedule and you have to take days off work to finish it so that your family doesn’t make your move to the garage.

One of the quickest ways to give your home an upgrade is with new flooring.  Whether it is refinishing a dull hardwood floor or taking up old dingy carpet and installing a new hardwood floor.  With all the latest trends available in hardwood flooring it has become easier than ever to install and less expensive than ever before.  With wood upgrades you also cut down on a lot of allergens that are present, collecting in the carpet.  This is particularly important when you live in a house with pets.

Another fresh update that can be done takes place in the kitchen and bathroom with the cabinetry.  With some simple paint, refacing and/or new hardware you can completely change the look of your space. If your space allows for it, crown molding can be added which makes the cabinets look grander.  Cabinets are the focal point of your kitchen.  A little bit of paint and some update hardware can go a long way.

Another fairly simple, inexpensive kitchen renovation that can be done to update the look of your space is by adding to the back-splash.  A contractor can give you plenty of ideas on what materials will blend in well with your kitchen.  Popular options include tile, mosaics and glass.  This is a remodeling project that can easily be done in a small amount of time, with limited resources that makes a statement in your kitchen space.

If you are looking to really go to town in your home add a splash of color.  Adding color to the rooms within your home really spice it up.  With different colors different emotions are expressed and in turn can change a room from bland to striking.

Adding to the exterior of your home is another way to spruce it up.  A change in landscaping or the addition of a deck can change the way the way you use your space.  A yard that is uneven and constantly wet can turn into a fun zone with the removal of some shade trees, letting the sun in and a deck.  It completely takes a space that wasn’t being used and makes it able to be enjoyed.  Add a garden, a horse shoe pit or jungle gym to the yard; all of these additions bring life to your yard.

Home remodeling projects inside or out can enhance your home.  Hiring a contractor to handle minor or major renovations around your house will leave you without the mess so your able to sit back and enjoy the updates.