Remodeling Ideas To Live At Home In Your Golden Years

Not all seniors dream of moving to a retirement home to live out their golden years.  For many, the concept of living in their homes is much more desirable than moving anywhere, whether it be in a retirement home, independent living community, or a family members home.  The concept of aging in place is fairly new.  In essence when homeowners decide they want to stay in their homes while they are still fairly independent there are certain updates that can be done to make it easier and safer to live in the space.  This article from Lancaster Online, “Remodeling ideas to help you age in place” offers many suggestions for homeowners looking to start the process of remodeling for a safer tomorrow.  For homeowners who plan on staying in their current homes as they move into their golden years it is ideal to start planning as soon as 45.  Even though you might not need the “extra help” today, it can save you tons of money in the long run not having to renovate the same space more than once.