Prevent Accidents By Creating A Secure Barrier Free Home

Handicap construction including barrier free living is becoming the latest trend in senior care.  Creating a space that allows individuals with special needs to live independently and in a safe environment is the goal for many of us with aging seniors and loved ones who have any sort of handicap.  One of the biggest problem areas in any home for accidents is the bathroom.

Planning for a handicap accessible bathroom is incredibly important in age in place bathroom remodeling.  When considering the next step don’t overlook how important ease of access is when considering the shower or bath tub unit.  It is easy to overlook but when dealing in handicap construction is an important piece of the puzzle to consider in the overall bathroom design.

Individuals met with mobility challenges require tweaking in construction design however still want the same things people without a challenge want; independence and privacy.  The goal in using bathroom safety aides is to create this private, independent space for their use.  Thankfully technology today gives us access to bathroom aides that are designed with the use of a walker, wheelchair or scooter device in mind.

Think about when individuals are in need of using a wheelchair on a regular basis.  In handling the details involved in handicap construction you must make sure each room is easy to access.  This means that doorways need to be wider than a standard door.  The ADA standard requires a thirty six inch door opening as a minimum requirement for doorway access.  Hallways should easily accommodate with a minimum width of forth eight inches.   When measuring for handicap constructions take into consideration the turn radius of a wheelchair as well.  A wheelchair should easily be able to turn out of the bathroom.

Showers that are handicap accessible offer an environment that is comfortable and secure making the showering experience an independent experience.  When constructing a bathroom to accommodate handicap mobility need there are certain key features to remember.  One of these is adding seating to the shower area.  The idea is to create a barrier free shower with easy access for the wheelchair to be moved in and out.  Adding a built in seat will ensure safety and ease of transfer.  It is also important to consider adding multiple grab bars and convenient shelving for bath care items.  Keeping items in reach allow individuals to accommodate their own showering needs without requiring assistance.  This is something we all value but are especially grateful for when it is easy.

The toilet is another item to consider in a handicap construction bathroom remodel.  This is something many of us take for granted: the ease of getting up from the toilet.  In handicap construction it is important not to miss this element.  Install a toilet that is meant specifically for individuals with mobility needs.  The ADA recommends the use of toilets that are higher or the installation of a chair to be used over the toilet.  Also mount grab bars close to individuals to use to transfer on and off the commode.   Consider the level of the sink, soap and hand towels too.

When considering a handicap construction bathroom remodel to help your aging senior or handicap loved one involve them in the process.  The individual will be the best source of information as far as what will ease their life and create an independent environment.