National Fire Prevention Week: October 7–13

Listen. Learn. Be aware. Fire Can Happen Anywhere™

National Fire Prevention Week is a great reason to show your customers how much you care. As a chimney sweep, you are saving lives every day. Check out this quote from NFPA for Fire Prevention Week: “The leading factor contributing to home-heating fires (30%) was a failure to clean. This usually involved creosote buildup in chimneys.” To access this information, click on this link, then heating.

There is so much more you can do to show your customer you care:

  • Smoke Alarms – According to NFPA three in every five home-fire deaths result from fires in homes with no smoke alarms (38%) or no working smoke alarms (21%). Dead/missing batteries caused one-quarter of smoke alarm failures. The life span of a smoke alarm can be in the 8-10 year range.
  • Fires can happen for many reasons. Post this video link from NFPA link on your site, to help your customers plan their fire escape:
  • Here’s a source for 12 Safety Tip Sheets including escape planning, smoke alarms, home heating, etc.
  • Here’s a fun page for children that includes videos, games, etc.
  • Carbon monoxide poisoning can happen during a fire. Remind your customer to replace their battery also that the average life of a carbon monoxide alarm is five years.
  • Let’s not forget Dryer Vent Fires. According to NFPA, “The leading factor contributing to the ignition of home fires involving clothes dryers was failure to clean, accounting for one-third (33%) of dryer fires.” Here’s a link for dryer vent information for your customer.

By taking a little time to educate your customer, you can make a difference in their lives. They will not be likely to forget your concern and kindness.

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