5 Age in Place Renovations Improve Your Homes Accessibility

When we are young and are looking for that first home we rarely even stop and wonder if this house would be a good place to live when we get older. This is due in large part because it will rarely be your first and only home in your lifetime. However, there will come a time that age will finally catch up with us and usually, that also includes a number of health challenges.

Unfortunately, not many traditional home interior and exterior designs are set up to handle some of the physical limitations that often come with aging. Many people end up being forced out of their home when they discover that they could no longer live independently inside their current home. This is really unfortunate since the news is filled with horror stories about the life of nursing homes and assisted living centers.

This article was designed to introduce you to some common things that can be done to the existing home that could very well eliminate the need for you or a loved one to be forced to go to an assisted living center. The concept of “age in place remodeling” may seem like a relatively new concept, but I can assure you that there is absolutely nothing new about it.

If you are looking to get some work done like this, be sure that you look for and find a good, local age in place remodeling contractor.

5 Age in Place Renovations Improve Your Homes Accessibility

Put in grab bars in the bathroom


Slip and falls are the number one cause of injuries to seniors and many of them occur frequently in the bathroom. By installing several of the sturdy grab bars in the shower, tub and around the toilet will help considerably to cut down on the worry and even the actual slip and fall accidents.

Put in a seat in a standup shower

Being able to stand for long periods of time can be extremely challenging for many seniors and then you add in the dangers of slip and falls in the stand-up shower. By adding a convenient bench seat so that you can sit down and still enjoy the benefits of taking a shower, without the fear or danger of falling without being able to get back up on your feet.

Replace all doorknobs with lever handles

Most doors in homes today feature traditional door knobs for opening them. Unfortunately, as we get older this can become a challenge for diseases like arthritis and others that affect the muscles can make it very difficult to turn a doorknob to be able to get the door open. By replacing all the knobs with lever style handles you will be able to open doors a whole lot easier.

Install auto sensing lights at all entry points

Entering a dark room presents a lot of dangers to senior with so many things that can be tripped over, fallen on because they just could not see it. Unfortunately, light switches cannot easily be gotten to by those who have difficulty reaching or bending. Auto-sensing lighting means that as soon as you get close enough to the opening of the door the light turns itself on.

Converting the lower level into a single level living area

For many getting old means not being able to as easily climb the stairs to get to the bedroom. Instead of risking the accidental falling down the stairs, consider remodeling the lower level to be able to have every living space on the first floor. No more worries about having to climb all of those steps just to get to the bedroom and bathroom.

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Reviel: Daydreaming about remodeling your home? Plan first

May is National Home Remodeling Month, a time of the year when many may daydream about sprucing up their home to gain equity or resale value, or simply explore ways to find more enjoyment from their property.

So whether you just bought a house or you have lived there for a while, the fastest way to increase your home’s value is by planning.

According to the National Association of Realtors, many homeowners find the idea of a remodeling project too overwhelming. In fact, 35 percent of homeowners in the nation said they would rather move than remodel their current home.

Yet, after completing a remodeling project, 75 percent of homeowners said they have a greater desire to be in their home, and 65 percent say they have increased enjoyment in their home, according to the association’s 2017 Remodeling Impact Report. Also, 77 percent feel a major sense of accomplishment when thinking of their completed project.

Realtors also understand that homeowners should undertake these projects one room at a time. Homeowners can harness the energy that comes from new ideas and still be smart when you make those improvements. Make the commitment, and do not tackle more than you handle at one time. Whether it’s a simple coat of paint or knocking down a wall, by tackling one room at a time you keep projects achievable.

Clean and de-clutter first. Making a clean house a priority does several things. First, you stay on top of any maintenance issues, spotting potential problems before they become expensive ones. Secondly, you don’t allow dirt and junk to build up over time.

Furthermore, de-cluttering is a form of cleaning. Just as dirt builds up, so does clutter. Don’t waste money moving your junk around. Just get rid of it.

Adding a bathroom. The desire to improve livability, especially as a family grows, often leads to home renovation projects. According to the survey, 6 out of 10 homeowners said they have a greater desire to be home since adding a new bathroom, and nearly 80 percent of owners feel a major sense of accomplishment when they think of their project.

Complete a kitchen renovation. As one of the most-used rooms in the home, consumers oftentimes draw up their plans for renovating their kitchen first. Ninety percent of consumers have a greater desire to be home since renovating their kitchen. The top reason for renovating the kitchen was to upgrade worn-out surfaces, finishes and materials, the report shows.

Renovating a closet. A dream renovation for many consumers, renovating a closet to improve organization and storage was the top reason for half of homeowners who flipped their closet. Seventy-one percent of homeowners have a greater desire to be home since completing their closet project, and 65 percent have an increased sense of enjoyment when they are home.

A new fiberglass front door. Consumers have energy efficiency in mind for many renovation projects, with over 40 percent choosing to install a new fiberglass front door in their home. Consumers find that the most important benefit is better functionality and livability, as well as durable and long-lasting results, materials and appliances.

Adding curb appeal counts. Walk across the street, turn around and ask yourself, “Does my house have curb appeal?” If you have a nice curvy walkway, accentuate it with flowers or lanterns. Remove any dead or unhealthy plans and replace them with fresh, new plants and blooming flowers.

The 2017 Remodeling Impact Report surveyed both Realtors and consumers who have completed remodeling projects. The report explored homeowner’s reasons for remodeling, the success of certain remodeling projects and the increased happiness found in the home once a project is completed.

Most importantly, you need to always keep your “why” in mind when remodeling. Are you making changes for purely cosmetic reasons or are you looking to add functionality to your home? As a Realtor, I want to encourage you to keep resale value in mind, because nobody knows what the future might hold. And nothing is worse than having to redo a remodel just to make your home an easier sell.

Original Source: https://www.statesman.com/news/local/reviel-daydreaming-about-remodeling-your-home-plan-first/ndHknbd62YVbpHSEU2i3eL/

Written By: Victoria Reviel

Date: May 11 2018

This Is the Room One-Third of Americans Would Renovate First, According to a New Study

In honor of New Homeowners Day (May 1), Home Depot asked recent home buyers about their plans for their new spaces—the results may inspire you to start your own home update.

Every year, thousands of people buy new homes in the spring. Homes listed in the spring—especially in May—can be snapped off the market more quickly and for more money at this time of year as people buy their first homes, upsize, downsize, or switch locations before summer arrives.

To mark the season in which so many people are settling into new homes (and preparing to make updates to them), The Home Depot is celebrating New Homeowners Day (May 1) with a look at the specifics behind these home improvement plans.

According to the Home Depot–commissioned survey of 1,000 new U.S. homeowners, almost one-third (32 percent) want their homes to look updated without the hassle of a major renovation. Only 26 percent are interested in taking on the hard work and endless renovations a fixer-upper entails, and a small proportion (14 percent) only want to make minimal changes, without any of the stress a renovation brings.

When it comes to planning home projects, 33 percent of new homeowners are most likely to start with the kitchen—a smart decision, considering an updated kitchen can give your home’s value a major boost. Bathrooms were the next pick, with 27 percent tackling this room first.

For 62 percent of new homeowners, the most important factor in the decision to start a home improvement project was cost. At the same time, one of the top motivations for starting a new project was adding value and upgrading a home, in which case the cost of renovating is more of an investment. The other major motivator was the hope of turning a new house into a “home,” or customizing it to better suit the new owner(s).

Whether you’re a new homeowner or you’ve been in your house for years, now may be the time to take on a new home update—you just have to decide where to start.

Original Source:

Written By: Lauren Phillips

Date Published: May 01, 2018