Changes To Keep In Mind For Age In Place Remodels

I have met with a significant number of homeowners that are concerned about making their homes accessible for their ever-changing needs as they age.  As a specialist in age in place remodeling it has become my mission to create spaces, when remodeling, that ensure clients changing needs will be met through the renovation process.  Aging comes with enough complications; the last thing that homeowners need is added complications surrounding their home.

Ranch vs Two Story

We don’t ever think about growing old when we purchase our first homes but often are first homes become are only home.  With that being said it is important to note that not every homeowner thinks about the hitches that come with owning a two-story home as you get older.  Many older homeowners have decided they want to stay in their two-story home, so it is my job to make it safe for them to access the second floor.  Obviously, an elevator can be installed however this can be quite cost prohibitive, upwards of $30,000 to $65,000, along with ongoing maintenance.  Another option is the installation of a stair lift, which allows the user to go up and down the stairs using an automatic chair.  This is a much more cost-effective option, ranging between $2,500 to $5,500.


Depending on the type of entry way that currently exists the installation of a special ramp that allows access into the home via wheelchair or with walker assistance.    Handicap ramps can be designed to match the homes exterior or able to be removed and transported.  The actual door entrance as well should be evaluated.  A no-step entry way is as important as an entrance without stairs to individuals using devices to assist in maneuvering around.

Wide-Pocket Doors

Wider doors accommodate for the ease of movement using walkers, canes, and wheelchairs.  Another element that is helpful is to switch out commonly used doors throughout the home with pocket doors, when able.  Pocket doors do not need to swing in or out which allows for accessibility to two users if an individual were to need assistance or if mobility assistance devices were used.

Bathroom Modifications

The bathroom and kitchen spaces are the two areas that are of utmost concern when it comes to aging in place.  To combat worry from within the bathroom area there are a number of options to present to homeowners from walk-in tubs to built in shower seats.  My preference for safety and efficiency is the installation of a walk-in shower with a built-in bench.  This however will not satisfy homeowners looking to take a bath.  If an actual tub is desired a walk-in tub can be installed.  Along with these modifications it is important to add grab bars and a raised toilet to just add to ease of use with-in the space.

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This Cheap, Easy Home Improvement Project Gives You the Absolute Best Value for Your Money

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Kitchen, bathroom and living room renovations might be the most popular among U.S. homeowners—but they aren’t the most valuable. That designation goes to a project that’s a bit less sexy and much more subtle: the garage door. Replacing an old, outdated garage door with a new one can almost entirely pay for itself when it comes time to sell, according to Remodeling magazine’s 2018 Cost vs. Value report.

While you may not think of the garage door as an object of beauty, replacing an old, battered door with a smart new one can make all the difference when it comes to curb appeal. A new door can give the front of your house a fresh, clean appearance, says Buffalo-based appraiser Jim Murrett—even if would-be buyers can’t put their finger on the reason why. There are other benefits too, like improved insulation, which could significantly lower your energy bills (especially in colder states).

The all-in cost of replacing an antiquated garage door with an upscale steel model boosts your home’s value by 98.3% of what it costs to install. In other words, a $3,470 garage door will really set you back only $60 when you put your house on the market. “If you’re going to sell [anytime soon], this gives you almost immediate return,” says Murrett.

And perhaps the biggest reason for the garage door’s attractive payoff: It doesn’t cost much to begin with.

Of the nearly two dozen projects Remodeling ranked, replacing a garage door was one of the least expensive. And the cheapest of all the jobs Remodeling looked at—installing a new steel entry door—returned almost as much as the garage door, fetching about 91% of the average $1,170 outlay. (The report didn’t look at touch-up jobs like repainting or sodding your lawn.)

The most expensive projects, costing $100,000, such as adding bedrooms or a major kitchen renovation, typically recouped half or less of what they cost.

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Original Author: Shaina Mishkin

Original Date: April 16 2018