Remodeling Over Moving

When we bought our home we did not consider the space within the home as much as we did the space outside the home.  The landscape was to die for.  When we look out on one side of the home there is a heavenly forest; thick with ever tree known to the Northern states and to the other was a beautiful flowing river that leads to 5 different sporting lakes.  It really did not matter at the time what the inside looked like as we were purchasing the land.  I am sure this has happened to many people just like us.

Now some years later, I am not saying as it ages me a great deal, the landscape is still wonderful but the desire to make the inside of the home ours has come.  Instead of moving to a home that is to die with substandard views we have decided to look into home renovations.

Remodeling your home saves you money in the long run.  It also saves you the hassles of moving.  The structure of the home can be kept intact in most home remodels. Even if the entire layout is to be rearranged and rooms or additions added on to the general walls of the home are there.

With the space we were renovating the first issue we wanted to address is that there was not a bathroom on the first floor.  With our aging bodies this was just not a feasible option to go without any longer.  So the bathroom addition began on the first floor.  For us this turned out to be fairly easy.  We had a huge coat closet that backed to a walk in pantry.  The space was “easily” turned into a full size first floor bathroom.

The next move was to include a master suite on the first floor.  The first floor consisted of a dining room that to us was wasted space.  We do a lot of family dinners but the weather is beautiful for most of the year allowing us to access the large screened in porch for this.  The dining room along with a first floor guest room was turned into a master suite and bathroom combination that we were ecstatic to have!

With the addition of our first floor master suite we had taken away a bedroom that needed to be replaced.  This was easy as the space above our garage was a perfect option for a lofty guest bedroom allowing us to turn our previous master suite into a sitting room/library.  The bedroom renovations made the home feel incredibly room as we were now occupying a space in a manner we had never imagined before.  The attic above the garage was wasted all those years.

One of my favorite renovations in the home has been the kitchen.  We had become accustomed to a small kitchen.  This was alleviated by blowing out a two outside walls in the kitchen and moving them out.  With this it allowed us to accommodate the beautiful river view into the remodel.  The kitchen now has large window and allow natural light and nature to be with us.  We added counter top seating and overall space to entertain.  The kitchen renovation really opened up the home and allowed the reason we loved the outside space to become a part of the interior.

The renovations were not always easy.  As many people know being in a state of chaos is a lot.  We did manage to stay sane and find respite staying with friends during parts of the renovation where walls were coming down and it was just generally too much to bare.  We did manage a long two week vacation as well during the remodel which helped bring back into focus the big picture.  Be sure to have little escapes planned as you embark on the home renovation project.  I guarantee it will bring peace back to your life and marriage.